Fancy What-Not

Course: Advanced Typography
Professor: Justin Colt

I believe everyone can recall some luxury brand campaigns, where these brand would put their logo wrapping paper on something as random as a pond of asparagus and it will make it 5 times more expensive than it should be. Ironically most customers would still buy them considering them as luxury.

It only appears to me as a joke and I would never think twice about what it really means until the beginning of 2022. I was stuck in my own apartment due to the Shanghai City Lockdown.  Food shortage was the first struggle we have to face. The price went way up, I still remember spending almost $20 for one lettuce. These groceries are the true luxury now, with no wrapping paper.

Based on this experience. I think the boundary between groceries and luxuries became very vague when it comes to our needs at the time. What the true value of things is what I want to discuss in this project. So I created this fake brand called Fancy What-not. It contained six fashion objects made from fruits. I also made campaigns and style them in a way to imagine them being sold as luxury products.