Frisbee Design

Client: Hello制造 / Guanlong Production
Art Director: Tianlong You
Design/Illustration: Peggy Chen

The intention for this project is driven by the Shanghai city lockdown, which is three months of government mandatory self-quarantine in response to the zero-covid policy. We were living in fear and anxiety back then. Not to mention that we wasted the entire spring in our own apartment.

Later on, this studio reached out to me and wanted to create something together for all the depressed Shanghai citizens. The tagline we came up with was “飞出个夏天“ meaning flying the summer away. We hoped this project can encourage everyone including us, to give us the energy to get through this tough time and hope that we will be able to enjoy the sun and summer again.

We eventually created 300 frisbees and send them to our friends and clients not just in Shanghai. One of the frisbees got donated to Tibet under a frisbee club name for the charity. This project really reached out far and encouraged more people than we initially wished. We are so happy to see these frisbees flying in the sky and continuously encouraging more people.