LiuShen Mosquito Repellent Repackaging

Mosquito Repellent Repackaging

Course: Branding
Professor: Kevin Brainard

LiuShen Mosquito Repellent is a very traditional and old product I have been using since I was very young. The packaging has never changed over 30 years. The scent is a big part of the product, this distinctive scent often can bring people back to the memory of a hot summer night having watermelon with their grandmother, which is a very regional experience, especially for a Chinese girl growing up.

In this repackaging, I am modernizing this package to make the product looks younger for the younger generation while reserving the reminiscence essence of the old packaging. I also want to extend the brand family and create brand own-able assets for possible future scents. The last mission is to introduce this product to a larger audience across the world.