Frisbee Design 

Frisbee Production & Design

Client: Hello制造 / Guanlong Production
Art Director: Tianlong You
Design/Illustration: Peggy Chen

Driven by the three-month Shanghai city lockdown during the zero-COVID policy, this project aimed to uplift spirits during a time of fear and anxiety. With the tagline "飞出个夏天" (flying the summer away), we created 300 frisbees to spread positivity and energy to our friends and clients, both locally and beyond. 

One frisbee was donated to Tibet through the Shanghai Frisbee Club for charity. It's been heartwarming to witness these frisbees flying high, spreading encouragement far and wide. Inspiring a broader audience than we initially anticipated

📍 New York/📍 Shanghai/ 📎 Brand Designer/ 💿 Motion Designer/ 🔮Tarot Card Reader