General Life Purpose Answer Sheet

Newspaper Editorial Design

Course: Designing Large
Professor: Debra Bishop

What if there were answers to your everyday decision, and we could score based on questions, what score can you get? Taking all kinds of tests over the past 10 years, I think my life is still filled with competition and tests with no answers.

Inspired by the aesthetic of test answer sheets, I crafted this newspaper design. Each section represents a different aspect of life, from "Diagram of My Career Path" to "Geometry of My Relationships." With the title "General Life Purpose Answer Sheet," I embrace the ambiguity of existence, acknowledging that there are no definitive right or wrong answers as I navigate life's complexities with my pencil in hand. 

📍 New York/📍 Shanghai/ 📎 Brand Designer/ 💿 Motion Designer/ 🔮Tarot Card Reader