I Came Prepared

Product Design

Course: Design Decision
Professor: Allan Chochinov
Introducing the "I Came Prepared" brand, born from the concept of a spray ring as a germophobia-first aid kit prototype. Expanding on this idea, I designed a set of ring jewelry that doubles as a handy tool, carrying essential items wherever you go. With this ring set, you're always prepared for any situation. Building on this innovation, I further developed a website offering customizable emergency tools. 

Life may be unpredictable, but we're here to help you stay prepared for whatever comes your way.


Inspired by the necessity for germophobia first-aid-kits in the post-pandemic era, where hand sanitizer and alcohol sprays are essential items for daily carry. The lingering fear of germs after the pandemic prompted me to prototype a convenient solution: an easily portable spray bottle that attaches to your finger, allowing discreet and convenient spraying wherever needed.


Digital Experience

📍 New York/📍 Shanghai/ 📎 Brand Designer/ 💿 Motion Designer/ 🔮Tarot Card Reader