Qing Booth

Branding Experiential Design

Studio: WAVE Studio Shanghai
Client: Qing Shanghai
Art Director: Michael Cignarale
Designer/Illustrator: Peggy Chen

This project is executed especially for the food court booth held at Shanghai Food Expo. “Qing” is a green bean cake brand that makes traditional Shanghai desert. This brand not only wants to promote green bean cake to local customers but also introduce this dessert to a larger audience outside.

Therefore, the combination of Asian traditional aesthetics and western design style was introduced in this branding project. Design elements are inspired by vintage Shanghai posters. The name of the brand and also the desert name both have “green” meaning in it, so the color palette of monotone green was introduced throughout the design with no second thoughts.

📍 New York/📍 Shanghai/ 📎 Brand Designer/ 💿 Motion Designer/ 🔮Tarot Card Reader