Branding + Product Design

Design: Peggy Chen
Product Development: Peggy Chen
Motion: Peggy Chen
Thesis Advisor: Justin Colt
Spcial Thanks To: Lita Talarico & Steven Heller

The concept of magic has always captivated me since childhood, influenced by movies like Harry Potter. Throughout history, magic has threads into human civilization, from ancient rituals praying to Asclepius for healing to contemporary practices such as astrology signs and personality assessments like the MBTI test, which have garnered the interest of many millennials seeking self-identification.

However, embarking on a spiritual journey and getting into such mystical realms remains a difficult task. From seeking a tarot card reader in the city to experiencing the power of sound healing for the first time, the research process can be very challenging. Recognizing this gap in the market, I want to create a platform that facilitates connections between seekers and practitioners. Thus, my thesis was born.

WitchiPedia is an online portal to digital magic that connects seekers and practitioners, creating a healing community through mentorship and empowerment.

The Branding

Symbolism and mystical studies are inherently intertwined. I want to rebrand spiritual healing, and my goal is to give it a modern essence while preserving its educational, historical, and mystical significance.

The Product

WITCHIPEDIA website serves as an directory for practitioners, stores, and seekers of all levels in discovering their ideal path for spiritual growth. From introductory articles on spiritual healing, and facilitating understanding of spirit work, to a curated categorized by service offerings, WitchiPedia wants to not only redefine the user experience but also empower customers in cultivating a mindful spiritual behavior. 

The Collaterals

To expand the scope of my research and enhance my brand, I've developed a tarot card set specifically designed for WitchiPedia, along with a comprehensive pitchbook detailing the entire year-and-a-half-long project journey.

The Motion

In an effort to broaden our audience reach, I've also made a promotional motion piece to promote my thesis and the concept of magic. To invite individuals of all levels to join our mystical community and embark on their own journey of self-discovery and magical exploration.

📍 New York/📍 Shanghai/ 📎 Brand Designer/ 💿 Motion Designer/ 🔮Tarot Card Reader